Why You Should Buy African Brands/Made This Christmas. See Why

Why You Should Buy African Brands/Made This Christmas. See Why

Christmas is the season of showing love to friends, family, and the less fortunate in society. It is a time to enjoy great family love through special parties and gifts. As you set out to buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones, why not invest in a number of African brands whose products can be cherished forever?

Whether in Africa or abroad, authentic African products are extra special, because the act not only celebrates your African heritage but also promotes businesses back home.

According to Dziffa Akua, the owner of Dziffa.com, an online shop for African products, though, it is important for African enthusiasts to be a bit more cautious about the brands they buy due to the influx of counterfeit African products in the market, which has made it difficult for shoppers to find authentic African brands.

“Almost all African brands are grounded in culture and tradition, so there is always a wealth of knowledge behind the creation of the products. Beyond that, they are all handmade so they are usually available in limited quantities and very unique,” Akua told Face2Face Africa.

Dziffa has been one of the few online marketplaces around the world that only stock authentic African products that are made by Africans. Akua says she has an awesome collection of items that will make great gifts and is offering 15 percet off all items storewide between now and Christmas.

From African clothing to accessories, body lotions, soaps and even home appliances, Dziffa is bringing the best of Africa to the world this Christmas.

Stiff Competition

Despite their uniqueness, high-quality, and authenticity, African brands are still struggling to remain competitive in the ever-changing global market. Many lovers of African products admit that it is a great challenge for shoppers to access these brands outside the African continent.

Akua says that while most of these brands have been significantly covered by prominent news organizations, such Face2Face Africa, CNN, BBC, and Forbes, they still rank lower, in terms of sales, than their foreign counterparts in the global market.

“”I can confidently say that lack of global visibility, the absence of a central marketplace dedicated to supplying goods from the continent to the Diaspora, and payment complexities involved with buying from Africa when you are outside the continent play a key role in our brands’ inability to compete on an international level,” Akua says.

Akua hopes that with Dziffa she will be able to provide a central place for global customers to discover African brands and purchase their favorite products directly from Africa.

Africa also celebrates Kreyann, a unique fashion brand founded 10 years ago by Cameroonian Anna Ngann Yonn. With a customer base that cuts across generations, Kreyann has succeeded in penetrating the global market with its unique African style that mixes elegance with originality.

So this holiday season, give your presents a personal touch with products and styles from the Motherland.

Happy Holidays!


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