Africa in the Next 20 Years: A Look Forward

Africa in the Next 20 Years: A Look Forward

Africa rising! has always been the suitable phrase to describe the continent’s many recent advancements and brighter prospects. In fact, the March 2 2013 issue of The Economist described Africa as “A Hopeful Continent,” taking into full consideration the economic boom which shows Africa to be one of the fastest growing continents the world should look out for!

It is a fact that Africa still has critical problems with regards to political violence, sickness and disease, not to talk about the seeming threats of terrorism, but with the expansion of access to secondary school education, decline of malaria-related deaths by up to 35%, reduction in HIV infections by a whopping 74%; increased life expectancy of an estimated 15%, Africa’s prospects remain bright.

Here are a few more reasons why!

In the next 20 years, Africa is more likely to become a hub of infrastructural growth, especially since several African economies are investing billions of dollars in infrastructure.

Taking a tour through the towns and cities of Africa gets one amazed at the level of physical development the continent has been able to chalk up since the post-colonial era. If this pace of growth continues or even accelerates, Africa is headed for success in the next few years.

In the next 20 years, the world will learn from Africa on matters relating to healthy lifestyles. It is a known fact that most of the world’s oldest people are somewhere in the hinterlands of Africa – only the statisticians do not get to add them up! While problems with hunger and congested cities do exist in Africa, there are also many places that offer healthy diets and cleaner air to breathe, unlike other parts of the world battling with issues of pollution.

Visit the villages, have a taste of the bitter leaves and herbs, and then you will understand the 2015 research published in the Lancet Global Health Journal which has revealed that African countries such as Chad and Mali have some of the healthiest diets in the world as compared to European countries who eat the worst.

Africa raising

In the next 20 years, Africa will prove its worth in Information Technology as several technology firms are currently trooping to the continent. This is especially true in Kenya, where 5-35% of the GDP is documented to come from telecommunications.

African mobile telecoms have witnessed massive growth over the last decade…. This rapid uptake has been mainly driven by:

mobile services being a core life enabler to all user segments;
favorable macroeconomic factors flowing to higher consumption
licensing opportunities and improved regulatory environment
Telecommunications growth [in] Africa has positively impacted incomes across the continent: in Sub-Saharan Africa, mobile revenues reached $35bn in 2011 representing GDP contribution of approximately 3%,” states a 2014 report by Deloitte.


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