Young Man Pays Off Grandparents Mortgage As A Token Of His Gratitude. Must Read

Young Man Pays Off Grandparents Mortgage As A Token Of His Gratitude. Must Read

A Houston man made the news this week after he posted a picture of him holding a homemade check in which he presented to his grandparents. 24-year-old Stefun Darts, a college student of San Jacinto Community College, saved $15,000 in order to pay off his grandparents’ mortgage and send them on a Caribbean vacation. As for the reason for his actions, Darts stated on his Facebook post, “I made a promise to god in the second grade I would pay off you guys house and help you retire” and further continued to say that it could never repay what they had done for him.

“My grandparents aren’t struggling by any means but why are they living to pay bills? That’s not the way of life I want them to have. If I can do anything, with every bone in my body, I will sacrifice because I don’t know how long they have on this earth. No one is guaranteed. I will sacrifice that fun, because that fun is temporary.”

It was reported that Darts accumulated the sum of money by working multiple jobs during a 6-year period, from working at a Grocery store to his current jobs as a material handler and a loan officer, and by being frugal with his finances. Darts also said he lost some friendships because of it being difficult to explain his cause to people and thanked his friends that sticking with him. As for his grandparents, Darts relayed that they do not plan to retire after receiving the cash and that he has absolutely no problem with it.

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