A Haitian Doll and Book Series that Promotes Positive Black Images. Read More

Confidence is key, our children need to recognize beauty in images that are a representation of themselves. Which was a huge motivator for the creation of a beautiful Haitian doll named Carline.

The creator of the Carline Smothers was inspired to create Carline the Haitian Doll when her 5-year-old daughter called Black book characters “ugly” at story time before bed. Along with her doll is a children’s book series that gives the rest of the world a glimpse into the positivity within the Haitian society.

She started her company, Zoe Beautee, 4 years ago to celebrate the beauty of Haitian culture. Her books include Fanmi Mwen, My Family and Mmmmm, Soup Joumou! Both books are available in Creole and English. Her books give young black girls a positive character to read about that is a reflection of their image.
By Viv

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