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We don't understand the continuous bashing of African cultures or non western cultures world wide. It's even crazy for me that many black people (Africans) who are supportive of Homosexuality because they think it's intellectually and socially progressive and hence makes them "civilised" yet look at social structures like Polygamy as backwards, primitive and uncouth. In Africa, there are communities where men can marry more than one woman, and women can have more than one man legally. Among Wodaabe of the Sahel region, women annually pick new suitors not matter if she is married or not, as well as a mong the Maasai people of East Africa, women can entertain various men intimately and it's all legal. The reason behind this is common among nomadic and pastoralists communities where men tend to be gone for weeks or even months tending to their herds of cows while women stay behind in camps. Women are therefore allowed to entertain intimately other men and their husbands must accept the women's choices. 

by: Africlandpost

When it comes to polygamy, traditionally men were allowed to marry more than one wife. In Cases where a woman lost her husband but had children and could not get unmarried man, she was allowed to marry an already married man so she is provided for and the children don't feel like orphans, because growing in Africa without a father is considered very low in society. This made it acceptable for men and women who come to mutual agreement and interest to marry each other, one wife, two or three, it was a choice of two grown ups. So next time you are ok with western social structures but look down on African social cultures, then you are a moron and a wannabe pretender. Having more than one partner is a more common phenomenal world wide among all creatures than having same sex relationship. We have no problem with two men marrying in amsterdam or new york, but please, don't look down on me marrying three African women in Durban, there are 650 million women in Africa, majority are under 35, some of us gonna marry more than one and that's OK, get over yourselves.

by: Africlandpost

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