Dynamically supreme my blackness has been influenced by many but defined by none. Read More

"My image and self esteem is dynamically supreme my blackness has been influenced by many but defined by none.
Yet I will not allow negative words about black beauty to be won.
Nor portray or distort with degarding images display.
However, I will embrace the diverse positive images defined as uniquely divine.
My black is courage validation, self belief, independent, deserving, happy, beautiful, vigorous, pure, original, love, uplifting, a pearl of wisdom, intelligent, inspiring, enlightening, a goddess and fine.

It, exemplifies all of me with a rainbow personality that has it's own originality.
My Black is Beautiful and ranks High in Principality." ~Naomi Johnson~
I've started this project a few months ago. Named this the "Melanina" Project. The title is spanish for "Melanin". I photograph portraits of black women (and men) in their natural beauty. I want them to embrace their true inner natural self, to love the skin they're in, to find perfection in their imperfections, to also uplift and inspire others. You are all great and amazing the way you are. Each photograph has a story that people can relate to, inspire from or uplift their spirits. I want to show the world the more positive and inspiring way everyone is than what socitey and the media of today portrays. Each of you are perfect in your own unique way. It may not be much but a photo is worth a thousand words. Each photo here is limitless and there's plenty of more to come. This is an o going project and I hope to capture and inspire you all. Stand up Queens and Kings! Be proud of who you are, be proud you are here. You are inspiring us all. I appreciate you.

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