Why we succeed? Read More

Why we succeed? Read More

We succeed because We are willing to do the things you are not. We will fight against the odds. We will sacrifice. We are not shackled by fear, insecurity or doubt. We feel those emotions...drink them in and then swallow them away to the darkest of hell.

We am motivated by accomplishment, not pride. Pride consumes the weak...kills their heart from within. If We fail...We will get up. If We am beaten....We will return. We will never stop getting better. We will never give up...ever.

That is why We succeed"

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up. Every champion was once a contender...
- Cris Nicole.Island Boi Photography (Joey Rosado)

One thought on “Why we succeed? Read More

  1. Well said. That’s what I live . Facing struggle but still going and moving on without asking for help to anyone. I better help than getting help . Only smart and intelligent people have that motivation to succeed

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