The Cola Nuts is an integral part of African culture Read More

The Cola Nuts is an integral part of African culture Read More

Symbolic in Africa.
The Cola Nuts is an integral part of African culture, both as agricultural product of current consumption that as a symbol of gift to offer on the occasion of major events, such as weddings. Its unique taste is characterized by a bitter flavor. Very popular. She has to be consumed at any hour of the day or night. The Cola is the product of adults and a plant to which we contain aphrodisiac qualities and medicinal.
The Cola brings the happiness of Africans as treat to chew. It is unthinkable that he can run out to traders in some African countries where she has existed for centuries. This nut to taste bitter, fruit of the kola, remains an export product and current consumption, but also a powerful symbol in certain social ceremonies. We ready in addition to the cola of aphrodisiacs and medicinal virtues. Tour de visit taste and ceremonial around this famous African fruit.

The Cola Red or white?
In the stalls of the markets, it is frequent and unmissable. We see it packed in huge baskets of 50 kg that is sold to the unit or per kilo. The Cola, which is consumed strongly in West Africa and elsewhere, tends to stem from the côte d ' Ivoire, which remains the largest producer with 75 000 tonnes per year, followed by guinea conakry. Mali is at the top of the list for its use in terms of purchase. On the continent, the majority of adults consume, and men like women.
The Colatier, tree native forests of the western coast of Africa, measure from 12 to 15 metres high. It is not productive that from the tenth year. Red or white, the fruit is in the form of two bulbs and remains very perishable. Hence the need to sell it quickly.

No ceremonies without cola

In West Africa, the cola nuts is omnipresent in the social and cultural life. Not a religious celebration without her, not a family ritual where she is not. Emblem and ambassador par excellence, she announces the coming of a child at the time of his baptism, seal the union of two grooms or honor a deceased at his funeral. In the case of marriages, it is typical to see that to announce the wedding or the engagement to the bride, the groom uses the phrase: "I gave the cola to your parents". It is also common to see the family of the groom buy 10 kg of cola, and even more, for a market value ranging from 2 TO 3 000 Fcfa 000 fcfa per kilo (about 3 Euros, Ed). The fruit will be offered to the men at the ceremony.
The Cola Nuts is also often offered as alms to ward off the bad fate or draw the chance, or as a gift to grandparents or to a friend. Medicinal Level, because of its caffeine content, the cola turns out to be a stimulant nervous and physical increasing resistance to fatigue. She is also an appetite suppressant, an aphrodisiac and contains diuretic and virtues cardiotoniques. Source ' Afrik news
German name: Kola
Italian name: Cola
Portuguese name: Noz-de-Cola
Name anglais:cola
Senegal: Gouro

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