Man divorces wife on honeymoon after seeing her first time without make-up Read More

A woman from Mpumalanga has been divorced by her husband on their honeymoon just a few days after their wedding.

The bridegroom dumped the woman after he saw her with no make-up for the first time according to a psychologist who counselled the unidentified woman.

The 40-year-old groom divorced his 35-year-old bride, said the doctor, because the husband believed she did not look as pretty as before the wedding and accused her of deceiving him by using so many cosmetics, including fake eyelashes.

Dr Molapo, consultant psychologist, said that his clinic received a request from the woman to help her overcome her psychological suffering after her divorce

Reports are that the groom took his bride to Richards Bay for their honeymoon where they had a swim but the outing turned tragic when her face became wet and her makeup reportedly washed away.

The groom said he could barely recognise his wife after the make-up was gone.

The bride wore artificial eyelashes and had undergone cosmetic surgeries before the marriage. The couple who had met on Facebook had been engaged for three months

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7 thoughts on “Man divorces wife on honeymoon after seeing her first time without make-up Read More

  1. Obviously fake news. this was published before using a different woman’s pictures but with the exact same story.

  2. So wat outside is not beautiful but inside is a diamond,gem…etc she has a beautiful heart that’s what count more not the image…pitty you has lost your gem GOD BLEES TO THE BRIDE,BE HAPPY YOU DON’T DESERVE A MAN LIKE THAT IDIOT

  3. 3 months is not time enough to really know somebody to know their make up habits and other little things about the individual he went blind confidence. Blind Beauty

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