Batwa people performing their traditional ancestral forest dance Read More

Batwa people performing their traditional ancestral forest dance Read More

Batwa people performing their traditional ancestral forest dance. The first M’ntu (Bantu for human.Homo sapiens) was in East African region, in the area between lake kyoga,victoria,Tanganyika and lake Nyasa The first of the Ntu settlements was at Oldvai gorge. Ntu is a sub-Saharan reference to a human being.Ba-ntu is a collective term for human beings.According to people from the equatorial area of Africa to the tropic of Capricorn,all human beings are Bantu/Ba-ntu whether black or white.Scientific DNA gene tracing has revealed that the first human were pygymoid Twas or Sarwa (San) in Africa. The inter-marriage between Twa, Kalahari San and other Stone-Age Bantu gave birth to various ancient and modern earth’s indigenous tribes which later developed wider knowledge that spread the continent of Africa and the world.The world continents were then still attached together (Pangea) about 200 to 300 million years ago.The earth was filled with plenty food, fruits and peace for first humans to survive on.Everything then was in Harmony. First humans did not have to work at all and did not have to think too much to eat.

In sub-Saharan Africa life continued that way for humans until 1000 B.C when interior Africans fully attained greed due to gradual increase in different Tribe’s population and learnt to fight and conquer one another. The separation of continental plates to form Gondiwana was such a big natural disaster in Earth’s History and for humans and animals but God saw that the Twas survived .The incident cast them thousands of miles apart onto different continents. Some ended up in Oceania,South America, Asia,and Australasia while others stayed in Africa."Semangs of Malaysia just like the negarito Aetas of Philippines, Andamaneses of India and other black tribes in Asia today are the remnants of the Homo Sapiens of African origin (Batwa and Sarwa/Kalahari San), who migrated out of Africa from about 80,000 to 70,000 years ago. The Africans migrated along the coast of Arabia to West Asia to India; a branch continued across the major islands off Asia -- Indonesia, Borneo, Papua New Guinea -- and some as far as Australia, marking the first major sea crossing of humans; a branch continued along the coast of Asia to West Asia to China; from China a branch went westward into Central Asia, and then some southward into Southeast Asia, particularly India, while a branch continued westward into Europe, these together forming the Indo-European group and then the last major group went from China across the Bering Straight into North America and from there some continued into South America."

BY: Kweku Darko Ankrah

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