UNADULTERATED DARK SKIN Two beautiful Togolese girls showcasing unique beads..Read More

UNADULTERATED DARK SKIN: Two beautiful Togolese girls showcasing unique beads during the "Festivals Des Divinites Noires" (The Festival of Black Deities) at a Aneho in Togo.
The Festival of Black Deities ("Festivals Des Divinites Noires") was established in 2006 by Acofin organization . It is for meetings, exchanges, training, transmission, exploration and groundbreaking discoveries. Initially its concentration was to give priority to traditional religions and initiation societies.

This is because Africa is full of many initiation societies. Among the most famous are men leopards in Democratic Congo, the Dogon of Mali, Poro initiation among the Senoufo people of Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Mali, the Mossi of Burkina - Faso, the Fang of Gabon, the Kondonas Pya Togo etc
For seven years the Festival of Black Deities always opens at Glidji. Glidji is a 10-minute drive from Aného. Glidji is the undisputed "Temple of traditional religions." Nicknamed the "Vatican" of voodoo, Glidji is famous for its temples, monasteries, its high priests, her priestesses, the sacred forest where there come that insiders in a state of purity.

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