Afro-Uruguayan lady of Sante (Ashanti)/Akan ancestry

Afro-Uruguayan lady of Sante (Ashanti)/Akan ancestry

Afro-Uruguayan lady of Sante (Ashanti)/Akan ancestry showing her tribal Sante dress at carnival fiesta in Montevideo,Uruguay.

In their carnival festivals various African tribes who were taken from Africa during slave trade dress in their varies ethnic African style of their ancestors.
In the early 1830s, the African nations' occasional legal representative, Afro-Uruguayan lawyer Jacinto Ventura de Molina, listed thirteen such organizations (salas de nación) active in the city of Montevideo.

Six derived from West Africa—the Ausá (Hausa), Carabarí (Calabar), Minas-Maxi, Moros, Nagó y Tacuá (Yoruba), and Santé (Ashanti) and five from the Congo and Angola, and two from East Africa. The salas bought or rented plots of land outside the city walls, on which they built headquarters to house their religious observances, meetings, and dances. They collected money for emancipation funds to buy the freedom of slave members, lobbied public officials, and provided assistance in disputes and conflicts between slaves and their owners.
BY: Kweku Darko Ankrah

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