Pretty Bodi tribe girl from Ethiopia`s Omo Valley

Pretty Bodi tribe girl from Ethiopia`s Omo Valley

Pretty Bodi tribe girl from Ethiopia`s Omo Valley (where the African tribes maintains their traditional African culture devoid of foreign/alien contamination) showing her tribal beautification marks.

As a matter of fact I take strong exception to the marks on African indigenes as "Scarification." It was is the Westerners way of undermining everything African and making it look ugly and an un-civilize practice. Today, in the Western world many people are also piercing their bodily parts (including tongue, lips, navel, clitoris, penis, breast, eyebrows et al) and inserting it with various rings as a sign of high class culture and they turn around to accuse Africans who mark their body for various valid historical, cultural, medical, religious and aesthetic reasons.Deaf / dumb kids etc., were tribal marked for quick identification especially when such need assistance in public. It is unfortunate that many Africans have also bought into this cultural imperialist propaganda against tribal marks and other marks on the body of an African.

In the olden days, when a child is born, the proud father will want the child to be given tribal marks as a way of expressing that he is the legitimate father of the child as well as a way of identifying the child in their family lineage or ethnic group. It is believed that the best way of identifying people of same ethnic group is the similarity of their marks and in that case, they protect their interest.

BY: Kweku Darko Ankrah

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