40% of Africans grow their own food. 80% of African food is grown locally by local small scale farmers.

40% of Africans grow their own food.
80% of African food is grown locally by local small scale farmers. 67% of Planet earth arable land is in Africa...let me repeat. 67% of agricultural productive land is in AFRICA.

The narrative that Africa is a starving continent is a farce. Sure there are millions going hungry in some countries in Africa just like there are millions going hungry in US, China, India, and other parts of the world.

People usually go hungry because there is either conflict, or drought. When there is conflict in countries like south sudan, people are unable to work in their farms due to insecurity, since most food come from these farms, the food shortage is inevitable.


But do not be fooled, countries like south sudan have some of the most fertile lands in the world. Second problem is infrastructure, while other countries can over produce food, they are incapable to transport these food to other countries due to lack of intercontinental freeways. Thank god for colonization that split our continent into small pieces, which hinders trade and transportation of goods and service.

Thirdly, there is a narrative that Africa is starving to legitimize intervention of Monsanto and other western commercial farmers into Africa. They use people like U40'S Bono top drive this point home. There are actually more people starving in India than in africa, but India doesn't have vast rich lands so BONO is not gonna push his agenda in india. 67% of Planets most rich land in Africa, why wouldn't you want a piece of it if you are a western corporate farmer? Just leave us a lone, we can feed ourselves with way healthier food than whats found in your supermarkets.

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