Kids from Solomon Islands showing their blond hair.

Kids from Solomon Islands showing their blond hair. Melanesians are the only black people that have natural blonde hair. Modern evidence, including DNA analysis confirms the opinion that modern man, in the form of Homo sapiens, first came out of Africa as early as 200,000 years ago.


The Africans migrated along the coast of Arabia to West Asia to India; a branch continued across the major islands off Asia -- Indonesia, Borneo, Papua New Guinea -- and some as far as Australia, marking the first major sea crossing of humans; a branch continued along the coast of Asia to West Asia to China; from China a branch went westward into Central Asia, and then some southward into Southeast Asia, particularly India, while a branch continued westward into Europe, these together forming the Indo-European group and then the last major group went from China across the Bering Straight into North America and from there some continued into South America.


Of the pioneers who moved across Asia, one group moved south-east down through the Indo-Malaysian archipelago, crossing over into Australia during a brief window of opportunity 65,000 years ago when water levels dropped. They also reached Papua possibly as early as 65,000 years ago eventually moving from there across the Pacific.

Guadalcanal (5,302 sq km) is the biggest island, with 49,000 inhabitants. Here we find the highest mountain in the country, Popomanasiu (2,440m). The government and most industry and commerce are also located here.

Western province, famous for its turquoise waters and lagoons, is a great place for ecotourism. Choiseul province is formed from volcanic origin islands. In Malaita province people still live close to the nature and practice ancient traditions such as kite fishing and ancestor and shark worship.

The Solomon Islands is a parliamentary state within the Commonwealth divided into 4 administrative districts. Its legislature is a National Parliament. The Government leaders are Sir George Lepping (governor-general) and Solomon Mamaloni (prime minister)

1983, Malaita, Solomon Islands --- Children of Malaita Island, Solomon Islands --- Image by © Albrecht G. Schaefer/CORBIS

1983, Malaita, Solomon Islands --- Children of Malaita Island, Solomon Islands --- Image by © Albrecht G. Schaefer/CORBIS

It is largely held belief in the scientific world that blondes could only be found among Caucasians.


Whatever may be attributed scientifically to the outcome of why these African Melanesian of Solomon Islands came by their blonde hair it only goes to cement the assertion that black Africans were the first homo sapiens and that all races came out of black African.


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