Adjifo virgin initiate dancer at FESTIVAL OF BLACK DEITIES (GODS) AT GLDJI-TOGO

Adjifo virgin initiate dancer at FESTIVAL OF BLACK DEITIES (GODS) AT GLDJI-TOGO. (Note: This photo is for anthropological purpose, depicting African Culture. It`s not pornography nor nudity.)


The "Festivals Des Divinites Noires" (The Festival of Black Deities) is celebrated annually at the Togo`s ancient city of Aneho at different months (but in recent times in December) as its organizers (Acofin African Heritage Association) deemed it fit. The festival identifies 41 vodoun (voodoo) deities for worship and celebration. Voodoo was born in Benin (Dahomey) and Togo as well as Kongo before being exported to Brazil, Cuba. United States of America (Louisiana,New Orleans) and Haiti (where it is largely practiced).
The voodoo religion has about 80 million followers worldwide. They are from Santo Domingo, Cuba, Brazil, Louisiana, Benin, Togo,,Ghana. Nigeria, Cameroon and Haiti.Voodoo religion is an extraordinary pace, special chanted music that its practitioners sing and goes into spiritual trance, cries of revolt as it occurred in Haiti and also makes Africans rediscover their own roots.
The major motivation for this festival is to afford both Africans and Africans in diaspora an opportunity for their historical identification, restoration and promotion of African heritage. For Acofin association, the promoters of the "Festivals Des Divinites Noires," the celebration is a memory issue, ownership, rehabilitation, and recovery for the African people living everywhere.

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