Buy Him Gifts: Not because it's his birthday, I know some girls na aka gum, nothing dey fit comot their pocket. They have money oh but can never never never buy something good for their guy. Why not buy him a lovely scented perfume, just because. Or buy him a tie, a belt, pair of shoes, packet of handkerchief just because... Give and it shall be given unto you. It’s not everyday you will be collecting recharge card. As a matter of fact, buy him recharge card! The shirt my colleague was wearing that day, who buy am? The babe. Osahon, you are enjoying.

Take Him Out: Yes, he cannot be the one taking you out every day, kilode?! You can google what movies are showing and hand him tickets to the cinema, for the both of you! You know he lovesHunger Games, Hunger Games 2 is out now oh, go and buy ticket for ya man! Take him out to lunch, take him out to events. Plan a weekend getaway for you both, that’s if your pepper rest well. Give him a treat, don't take him to a restaurant, pay for food and tell him to pay for drinks oh. Pay for everything. Be his maga occasionally.

Write/Text Him: BBM don spoil market, I feel special when I receive a text instead of these annoying PING! PING!! PING!!! In fact, GLO texts me more than my family and friends. Try texting your Bobo instead, write him a letter with sweet words, men have very imaginative minds, play with his mind. Write little notes and hide them in the pocket of his suits, shirts and shoes e. t. c. Men like to pretend they don't like those small things but they do :p

Talk To Him: Romance is not all about money, talk to that your guy! What are his interests? What are his dreams? Let him tell you about why he prefers Arsenal to Man United. Let him tell you things he would like to do, have “deep conversations”, it bonds couples and that’s a romantic thing you can do that won’t cost shi-shi.

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