In my usual stroll on twitter streets yesterday I came across a post where this oboe oyibo bros was complaining that he took this chic out on a date and then when it came to the time to order, he asked and she said she would order after him. He went ahead and ordered a lobster (big boy tinz) and then was flabbergasted when she ordered a lobster too. He was very very very upset. LOL. 
I’ve not been on a lot of dates but there was this one time after I finished secondary school and I used to stay at my mom’s shop, I had a toaster. The guy came to buy something in our shop oh and then proceeded to invite me on a date. I said ok. The fast food we were to meet at was just a strolling distance, so that day I carried myself there…the young guy asked, "what will you like"…
One chance!
I quickly scanned the showglass and believe you me, I ordered for 4 packs of jollof rice, each complete with chicken, and salad. Then I proceeded to order for some snacks and drinks for 4. I did not end there, I picked a tub of icecream too and told him that was all…he looked at me like O_o 
Bros nor vex, I told him that I can’t sit with him and eat hence I’m getting a takeaway, and then I can’t go back to the store with my singular take away without the other shop assistants asking for some of the goodies and reporting to momsy which is why I ordered for everybody. That makes sense doesn’t it? 
I have to commend him- he looked hurt but he PAID and told me he will see me the next day when he’s passing by. This was a young guy oh. I wonder where he got the money from sef. LOL. I wonder what he’s doing with his life right now and if he’s telling his wife stories of that fateful day. 
So who should pay on a date: Well, if YOU invite ME, and I have to take time off my busy schedule to go on a date with you, then YOU PAY. But it’s like these days independent women like to split the bill…I don’t do that. I’m old school like that. Unless I (the lady) invite you on a date, then I’d consider paying, but we know that will never happen. So bros, it's on you.
I remember the early stages of our relationship, Bobo and I (he never toasted me)…he would buy me food every time and that was at least once a day and we were both students oh. So what’s happening to the guys of nowadays that don’t want to pay? Why complaints? These are early signs of stingikokoness and I don’t play with stingy. Boy Bye. 
How much should He spend on a date: We’ve established the fact that he invited me on a date so he’s paying right? Good. As a considerate babe, that depends on where we have that date. I can’t give a specific price but I’ll order something from the menu that was somewhere in the middle. I’ll wait for him to order first and if he orders a lobster…I’ll order a lobster too 😀
Correct me if I'm too old school but in my head, the idea of asking someone out on a date is this: you see a girl you're crazy about and you hope and pray she's going to say yes to your invitation. You're very excited when she shows up that even if she ordered for cow head you would not mind washing plates to pay. Isn't that the typical scenario? Abi people just go on dates nowadays to get busy and "see how it goes" "see if there's a connection"?
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