Before I got married people did not let me hear word-it was as if they looked for different opportunities to remind me that, Nne, time is no longer on your side, a woman is like a flower and withers quickly, "ale obirin o kin kpe su"...they were only wishing me well. It is good to get married early (if it happens) but if it doesn't...here are 7 reasons why getting married later is not a terrible thing.

You have time to DISCOVER yourself. The emphasis is on "discovery" because a lot of people go through life not knowing who they really are, the more you wait before getting married the more you're likely to discover yourself, your ideal career and generally the type of life you want.

Perspectives change as we get older. What I liked and wanted when I was 19 totally changed when I was in my mid twenties-even though I could swear say na like this I like my own thing at 25, I ended up not liking at 27. People change, give yourself allowance to grow and change.

You have time to be "free". Make decisions without real consequences. Travel. You can even afford to live from alert to alert without any sense of responsibility. Why do you think there's the term "responsible married man/woman"? You can buy anything with your last dime. Sleep over at your friends house 3 times a week...you no send anybody. Go on soun, explore!

You grow up. Maturity for some people is not about age, but with age comes experience and experience teaches you how to handle life. Your expectations are more realistic-you don't believe marriage is about taking selfies, seksing and living happily ever after. Marriage is not for children.

Build your future. If you're smart, the time before you get married is time you can use to focus on your career, start a business, even it it fails, you start again all because of point 3. Invest your self in building and saving for your future because marriage may "slow you down" career wise if you're a woman.

You know what you want. Not because you know it all but because you've had time to discover yourself, what you like and what you refuse to deal with (I use the term "refuse" because it's a choice you're making to deal with something or not). You basically know yourself and now you know yourself you know what you who and what you want in a relationship and marriage.

You are grateful. When you eventually get married you appreciate it more because you remember all the times you spent catching bouquets at all your friends weddings (not that it's a terrible thing). Single? You've been there, done that and you are 100% in this phase of life you're in now. You do not feel like you missed out on anything.

These are some of the many advantages of getting married later so if you're still single...enjoy it while it lasts and appreciate every season of your life. Let me know if you got married later and the advantages and disadvantages you faced in the comments section.

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