Central Africa cuisine includes cooking traditions.

Central Africa cuisine includes cooking traditions.



includes cooking traditions, practices, ingredients the cuisines, and foods of the Central African Republic. Agriculture in the country includes yellow onion, sorgum, yam, spinach, millet, palm oil, banana, okra, rice and garlic. Imported ingredients and crops from American origin include sweet potato, chili peppers manioc, peanuts, maize and tomato. In this part of Africa additional foods include, chiles peanuts and onions garlic.


Although in African cuisine fish is used in different dishes, and a lot of other sources of protein include insects such as grasshoppers, crickets’ cicadas or termites. Meats in Central Africa cuisine include goat and chicken. African staple foods include such as millet, rice, starches, sorghum and sesame. Different sauces and vegetables are also consumed. Roadside all over Africa stalls sell foods such as Makara (a type of fried bread) and baked goods or barbecued meat and snacks, sandwiches etc. Normally Muslims are prohibited from drinking or eating something that is cooked with alcohol. In Central Africa the legal drinking age is 18. In Central Africa, K-Cinq area is famous and it is known for its smaller but very beautiful restaurants serving with reasonably priced every traditional dishes served. The capital city of Bangui has hotel restaurants and western foods.


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