Ghana marriage is a traditional ceremony

Ghana marriage is a traditional ceremony

The Ghana marriage is a traditional ceremony where the groom accompanied by his family goes to the bride house and formally asks for the bride’s hand in marriage in the presence of friends, family and well-wishers. The traditional Ghanaian ceremony is a necessary common rite of all marriages for all Ghanaian couples. Today in Ghana , a lot of couples perform this alone as a marriage Ghanaian ceremony. All couples in this place try to make their marriage ceremony as much traditionally as they can because this rite is so important for their culture.

The Ghanaian weddings bands starts with the “knocking” (kokako) around the house. In this knocking ceremony the future husband together with his daddy and some elder family members visits the brides house to announce their relationship intentions. Most of the time this ceremony is carried out a week or two ahead of the actual marriage ceremony.

The knocking (“kookoo ko”) comes from the Ghanaian tradition of knocking on the entrance of a house before entering as being a visitor. For the knocking ceremony the groom’s family members brings along two wine bottles on alcoholic drinks, some money and cola to the property to present to this brides family. (Libation is really a traditional form of prayer on the ancestral spirits and God). In way back when, and to date, the drinks are widely-used to pour libation. In those ceremonies when the drinks are presented, spokesman designated through the grooms’ delegation formally requests the bride’s family regarding permission to enter the property and announce their goals. Then if drinks are accepted then it means permission has been granted on the visitors to state their intentions. The spokesperson will explain in the many lyrical language, that this groom, has seen a “beautiful flower” in the house of the brides family that she desires and would like to “uproot” that flower, not necessarily steal, from its keeper, hence they are here to look for the brides hand inside marriage and inquire about what is required in order to make that flower his personal.

In some situations family may ask the groom or his family to come back at a set later date because they like to see:
a) if the family has no genetic disabilities or chronic illness in the family
b) if family has a good reputation in the city and of course good incomings
c) if he has no illegitimate children or girlfriend or has another marriage .
d) if the groom is of good and lovely person and well matched to the new bride

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