Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in Kenya to push for free internet plan

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in Kenya to push for free internet plan

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg landed in Nairobi on Thursday in what he says is a visit to meet with entrepreneurs and developers.



Through a post on his Facebook page, Mr Zuckerberg said he wants to “learn more about mobile money, where Kenya is the world leader.”

The social media billionaire’s first stop was at the iHub, Nairobi’s technology innovation hub, an open-space centre for technologists, investors, tech companies and hackers.

“I’m starting at a place called iHub, where entrepreneurs can build and prototype their ideas. Two of the engineers I met, Fausto and Mark, designed a system to help people use mobile payments to buy small amounts of cooking gas, which is a lot safer and better for the environment than charcoal or kerosene.
“It’s inspiring to see how engineers here are using mobile money to build businesses and help their community,” read Mr Zuckerberg’s post.

Mr Zuckerberg slipped into Kenya much the same way he did in Nigeria, where he landed without much fanfare or media publicity.

In Nairobi, the social media mogul, who is planning to launch an ambitious programme to beam free Internet from the sky to unconnected areas in Kenya, was pictured eating lunch with the Kenya’s Information, Communication and Technology Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru where he says they discussed his plan.

The billionaire was pictured at a local eatery called Mama Oliech Restaurant in Hurlingham, Nairobi, enjoying a local delicacy of ugali and sautéed tilapia with government officials.

“One of my [favourite] parts of traveling to a new country is trying the food. I enjoyed ugaliand a whole fried tilapia for the first time and loved them both!” wrote Mr Zuckerberg on Facebook.

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