Afro-Colombian women are one group of  blacks in South America that has never forgotten their African heritage when it comes to hair-styling. Afro-Colombian women braid hairstyles that their African ancestors passed on to them.

Many people of other cultures try to hide their African roots by bleaching their skin and claiming to be Indian. Columbia sounds like a beautifully diverse and proud country/culture. Every year, they take part in Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Cali to celebrate their African roots, culture and hair.

Once a year in Colombia, on May 21st, they celebrate the day of Afro Colombians commemorating the abolition of slavery in that country that happened the same day in the year 1851. The year 2011 also has been declared by the UN as the International Year for People of African Descent so the reunion in Cali, Colombia was even more special.

As part of the celebration, there is a contest of Afro Hairstyles that has the purpose of honoring the African culture and the people who works waving African hair and keep this tradition alive.The contest has three categories: Women braids, Men braids and Children hairstyles. At the same time something called the “Hairstyle Marathon” takes place where you can go and have your hair braided for a good price.

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