Afro-Turks, African Turks, or Turkish Africans are people of African descent in Turkey. "Afro-Turk" is a neologism; they have been colloquially named as Arap (Arab) in Turkish, and are now also referred to as Afrika kökenli Türkler (Turks with African roots).

Beginning several centuries ago, a number of Africans, usually via Zanzibar and from places like Niger, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Kenya and Sudan. were brought to the Ottoman Empire by the Arab slave trade to plantations around Dalaman, Menderes and Gediz valleys, Manavgat, and Çukurova. Poor Black quarters of 19th century İzmir like Sabırtaşı, Dolapkuyu, Tamaşalık, İkiçeşmelik, and Ballıkuyu have mention in contemporary records. Some came from Crete following the population exchange between Greece and Turkey in 1923. They settled on the Aegean coast, mainly around İzmir. Afro-Turks in Ayvalık declare that their ancestors from Crete spoke Greek when they came to Turkey and learned Turkish later.

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