Smiling ethnic Hambukushu woman with fishing basket


Smiling ethnic Hambukushu woman with fishing basket, Okavango Delta, Botswana. Hambukushu have a keen belief in religion. In their traditional cosmology, they worship a Supreme being and a creator god, Nyembe. They believe that he is that God above every other gods. He punishes the evil doer and bless the good one.
Death and Life After death
According to their belief a dead person is not really dead. Though a body upon death is laid to rest, the soul, the spirit (hathimo) departs the body and goes to the spirit world. Good peoples spirit ascend to heaven (Diwiru) to live with Nyembi (god). The evil spirit goes to live with Shadapinyi`s (Nyembi`s evil messenger of death`s) abode where they must work hard in the sun eat bad food and drink bad beer. The spirit Both evil and good return to earth to visit their relatives, to make demand upon them during muthimo (spirit`s) visitations and to maintain Hambukushu establishment values.

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